Posted On: December 13, 2016
To people of a certain age, Skid Row is a heavy metal hair band. To people of another age, Skid Row is the homeless neighborhood in Los Angeles. To a more recent audience, skid rows represent an urban policy that leads to mass redevelopment, new businesses and the establishment of art districts.... Read More
Posted On: November 29, 2016
Election Day has come and gone and the Republic still stands. The country just elected its first real estate developer as president. What does that mean for real estate investing and holdings? What new opportunities are going to be created and what pitfalls should be avoided? It is worth noting... Read More
Posted On: November 2, 2016
We’ve got a secret about Miami. Even under the withering scrutiny of pollsters, political analysts, and sports fans, important aspects of Miami’s economy continue to fall under both the national radar and the clouds of insecticide. For years Brazilians have sunk sizable sums of money in Miami... Read More