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Why Eppic?

 10 reasons why Eppic is different from other real estate crowdfunding sites:

  1. We have an extensive amount of experience in real estate debt activities
  2. We have funded over 100 deals, worth over $100 million over the past seven years
  3. We will continue to pre-fund every deal with our own capital
  4. We will continue to be a co-investor in every deal
  5. We are highly selective in deals we accept
  1. We avoid adverse selection; very high yield deals may be too risky
  2. We focus on quality rather than quantity
  3. We focus on risk-adjusted returns, not just the highest yield
  4. We respect risk and are skeptical of deals with high rehab amounts and inflated ARV (After Repair Values)
  5. WE LOAN TO OWN. We accept LTV ratios which will make us very comfortable owning the project at the invested amount (if the borrower does not repay)


Eppic Funding has and will source first mortgage real estate loans from Pacifica Companies. Pacifica Companies is a diversified real estate firm which has transacted over $100 Million in first mortgage real estate loans over the last seven years.

Pacifica Companies is a multi-faceted real estate investment, management, development and construction company that has utilized its expertise and underwriting capabilities for all loans it has sourced and underwritten.

Eppic, on any deals it has or will acquire from whatever source will undertake independent due diligence and underwriting. On all loans Eppic acquires, Eppic will maintain a significant ownership in every such loan through maturity.

Learn more about Pacifica Companies.

Eppic Funding's mission is to provide an online marketplace that gives accredited investors access to asset-backed real estate lending opportunities.

Using our platform, prospective investors can view details of real estate opportunities as well as electronically complete and track loans.

Our Company utilizes crowdfunding regulations to provide accredited investors with attractive pre-vetted and pre-funded investment opportunities at a relatively low entry point, thus allowing an element of portfolio diversification previously largely inaccessible to a wider audience.

William Shor

Mr. Shor is a founding member of Eppic Funding. Mr. Shor is also the Managing Partner of Caspian Venture Capital Partners (CVC) and spearheads CVC’s investments into global venture projects. Under his leadership CVC has invested in such companies as Uber, Uber China, Hyperloop Technologies, ASAPP and Diamond Foundry.

Prior to this role, Mr. Shor was the director of Summa Group’s venture investment division. He has been active in the European private equity and finance arena for some 20 years, holding a series of executive positions at international investment banks, and private equity firms, where he raised and deployed several billion dollars in both public and private market transactions. He has made several high tech investments that have enjoyed strong exits. He sits on the board of several companies including Eristica and Beame and various non-profit institutions, such as Hillel International.

Mr. Shor graduated from Binghamton University and holds an MBA and MIA from Columbia University.

Daniel R. Siegel

Mr. Siegel is a founding member of Eppic Funding and an entity he controls, Sage Creek Associates, LLC, serves as the Co-Manager of the Company. Mr. Siegel is a founding principal and co-manager of Black River Partners I, LLC and related entities that manage over $30,000,000 in private asset backed lending. Mr. Siegel has over 40 years of experience in all facets of residential and commercial real estate development.

Brian Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is a founding member of Eppic Funding and an entity he controls, EBBA, LLC, serves as the Co-Manager of the Company. Mr. Gonzalez has over 15 years experience in development and engineering. Mr. Gonzalez served as an independent consultant to several real estate developers designing and maintaining enterprise wide area networks allowing them to develop, maintain, rent and sell over 14,000 properties across Florida.

Mr. Gonzalez has also assisted several businesses with expansion and automation through software development and embedded hardware platforms in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.